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Among renewable energies, without a doubt the best is hydraulics.

At EMSC we are committed to innovative solutions such as the use of turbos for energy recovery in water networks.

Within a city water network there are thousands of points where there is excess pressure and that energy is released instead of recovered. At EMSC we help you recover that energy. For ex. turbineing the ecological flows of the dams, installing turbines upon arrival at treatment plants and upon exit. At the entrance and exit of water tanks that supply cities and in the city itself at any point with excess pressure. More than 10% of the installed hydraulic energy could be recovered.

To make a comparison with what seems to be the most fashionable technology today, such as photovoltaics, to produce 1 MW with solar energy, 2 hectares of solar panels would be needed when we would use 100 m2 and they could even be buried. Furthermore, the installation would produce 24 hours and not only the hours of sunshine, with a longer useful life. Amortizable in 4-5 years.

Renewable energy services

At EMSC we collaborate with city councils and administrations, working with those responsible for the water network to analyze these networks and carry out a technical-economic study at the points where there are possibilities of recovering energy.

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