R&D in water and energy

Our development lines are based on own patented technological solutions.


IDIA-01: “Desalinaation of sea or brackish water through the use of magnetic fields.”

EMSC Global Water Solutions S.L. owns a technology to desalinate seawater through the use of magnetic fields. Hence its name “EMSC” is the acronym for ElectroMagnetism and SuperConductivity, basic principles to understand said technological solution. For the development of this stage, EMSC has incorporated Elytt Energy S.L into its team as a technological partner. Elytt Energy S.L is a world-renowned developer and manufacturer of superconducting magnets.

“The development of technology will allow in the near future to reduce water energy consumption by more than 50% than that used by a reverse osmosis plant.”

IDIA-02: “Zero brine discharge”.

The brine generated in the desalination processes currently represents an additional cost due to the need to manage it. The objective of EMSC is to obtain, at low cost, from this by-product, others with broad industrial applications, such as refined sodium chloride. This is possible given that our technology allows us to operate with concentrations in raw water of up to 194 gr/l of salt.

IDIA-03: “Circular economy of brine”.

The concentrated reject waste generated in the desalination process allows us to obtain a series of elements, all of them marketable and in sufficient quantities to promote the emergence of a new zero-discharge industry.

IDIA-04: “Reduction of CO2 emissions”

EMSC technology has the potential to reduce the energy consumption necessary in seawater desalination by up to 50%, compared to currently predominant technologies. Given that energy consumption represents half of the cost of desalination, this reduction not only provides environmental benefits but also an important competitive advantage.

IDIA-05: “Self-sustainable desalination”

Currently there is no desalination technology capable of operating on a large scale powered exclusively by renewable energy.

Our technology allows the process to operate uninterruptedly using exclusively renewable energy at any scale.

IDIA-06: “Elimination of Boron in seawater desalination processes”

As of today, the water obtained through the reverse osmosis process does not meet the boron content parameters necessary for agriculture. The solution is simple, dilute the desalinated water by mixing it with continental water to reduce the boron content until it reach ses the values ​​necessary for agricultural use. However, in times of water scarcity, there are not always enough continental water reserves to carry out this dilution.

Our technology works with ion exchange membranes and will allow the boron content of desalinated water to be reduced without the need to mix it with continental water.

IDIA-07: “Adjustment of water parameters for agricultural use. Water on demand.”

The agricultural sector consumes more than 70% of the planet’s water resources.

The availability of continental water resources is decreasing, which increasingly requires the use of alternative water sources such as seawater desalination.

Our technological solution allows, in addition to obtaining desalinated water at a competitive cost for use in the agricultural sector, adjusting the salt composition of desalinated water to its optimal values ​​for each type of crop.

In short, it is possible to obtain “à la carte” water for farmers.

R&D in water and energy


EMSC Global Water Solutions S.L. owns a patented technology for generating electrical energy through the magnetocaloric effect. It is a Thermal-Electrical Converter due to the Magnetocaloric effect or CTEM.

After carrying out the first concept tests in the laboratory, and the promising results obtained as well as the large number of applications, the project is in the design phase of an industrial prototype.

R&D in water and energy
R&D in water and energy

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